Voting out Votes

Written by Harley Hicks on March 11, 2019

tl;dr - I've officially replaced the voting system with hearts.

The voting system was initially created as a way to weed out the bad and celebrate the good. However, in practice, it's been shown that there were several problems with this method:

  • Users tend to only vote if they've had a bad experience with a Shortcut.
  • If a user had a hard time understanding how to use a Shortcut, they might just downvote it instead of seeking help from the author.
  • If a user didn't like another user, they could downvote their shortcuts for no reason.

Therefore, a completely valid and good shortcut could end up looking bad and deter users away from using it. This frustrated authors and I received several idea requests for how this could be remedied.

After a lengthy discussion on the Discord server (come join us!), I decided to change how this system works. I wanted it to be a positive feedback system only, and leave the negative feedback system up to the reporting system. So downvotes were removed completely and upvotes were converted to "hearts".

The hearts system is simple. You like it, you heart it. You don't like it, you can either leave a comment to suggest ideas on how it can be improved, report the shortcut if it's malicious, or move on.

Moving forward, I think this is a great improvement that should help make the site a bit more positive.

Thanks again to all the users in the Discord channel and on Twitter that give feedback and ideas that help shape RoutineHub.

If you have ideas or suggestions, there are several ways to bring them to my attention: