Find Food Anywhere


Nearbytes utilizes the power of the Google Places API and the iPhone’s Location feature to find restaurants near your current location—wherever that may be! Users can also set parameters such as ‘Open Now’, minimum and maximum price, and search radius.


Nearbytes requires a Google Places API key to operate. If you do not have a Google Places API key, you can obtain one by clicking here and following the instructions listed on-screen.

Nearbytes—Find What’s Around You! Graphic made with MediaKit.

Nearbytes—Find What’s Around You!

Latest Release Notes

2.0.0 - Jan. 2, 2022, 5:56 p.m.

🚀 New Features
• Select preferred language for results.
• Choose between Imperial or Metric for system of measurement.

🐞 Fixes
• Issue in which selecting certain combinations of parameters returned Invalid Request error has been fixed.
• Actions and logic included in intro section has been fixed.

• Results page layout and design have been updated. All results are now displayed on a single page.
• Results table now includes ‘Open Now’ column.
• Consolidated actions and improved logic throughout shortcut which improved speed and efficiency.

Version history