App Store Price Check

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App Store Price Check

Setup / Adding the Shortcut

Upon import of the shortcut, you have to select your App Store region three times (all need to be your region), this is unfortunately the only way I could make it work properly. App Store Region import questions

Main Menu

The main menu is comprised of three options: main menu

  • Add new app to check
    • Selecting this option will show a input box to enter the name of the app you wish to track, it will then be added to the list of tracked apps. Add new app
  • Remove app from list
    • Selecting this option will show a list of currently tracked apps and allow choice of an item to remove it from the list. Remove item
  • Check app prices
    • Selecting this option will show the current list of apps and their respective prices. Tapping an item will take you to that app's page in the App Store. Check app prices

Share To Shortcut

To add an app to the list, you can simply share to the shortcut from the app's page in the App Store. You'll get a check mark banner to confirm the shortcut has finished and added the app. share to, from App Store

Automation Checking of Prices

To setup scheduled price checking with an automation, you just need to pass the text "Check" to the input of a Run Shortcut action to run this shortcut, just like the example below. Personally, I have this running each day, but it could be performed whenever you wish. Automation check of prices

Examples of Price Difference(s) Found

If there is a price difference found for an app in your list, you'll get a notification when the check is performed. Price differences examples

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Latest Release Notes

1.02 - Sept. 8, 2021, 6:03 p.m.

- Fixed the broken import questions 😠

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