Get Discord Slowmode

View the slowmode duration for a Discord channel


The Discord app on iOS does not currently display the slowmode duration for channels that have slowmode enabled. This shortcut uses the Discord API to fetch and display the slowmode duration for a channel.

To use this shortcut, you will need to enter your Discord user token. Here’s how to find your user token:

Alternatively, if you only need a token for a very short amount of time, you can use this shortcut to get a token from Discord in Safari: Get Discord Token

Security & Privacy

Your Discord user token is the most sensitive piece of data about your Discord account, as it gives anyone who holds it full access to do anything with your account. This shortcut never sends your token anywhere except as the authorization header for accessing the Discord API, so I (FifiTheBulldog) will never see it.


I am not responsible for any consequences you may face from Discord for using this shortcut. Using the Discord API like this with a normal user account is a violation of Discord’s Terms of Service and can result in the suspension of your account if detected. Use this shortcut at your own risk.

If you own a Discord bot, rather than needing to use your own account, it is recommended that you use the bot’s token instead of your user account’s token if possible. Using a bot account to access Discord outside of the official client is perfectly acceptable under Discord’s TOS.

Bot Tokens

When entering the bot’s token, format it like Bot <token> rather than just entering the token as you would for a normal user account. For example, if your bot’s token is abc.def then you should enter Bot abc.def for the user token.

Latest Release Notes

1.0 - Sept. 12, 2021, 5:19 a.m.

Initial release.