Generate Numbers, Passwords, a (live) Countdown and more!


Welcome to the last generator you’ll need!

The generator supports English and German!

Version 6.0 features a brand new countdown found in calculations -> Time between dates! It features a static mode and a beta mode (found in settings -> beta mode)! It either shows you the time as exact as you wish, or chooses by the best mode by itself! (Christmas and New Year’s Eve is preinstalled.)

Also new: Report bugs and send feedback! Just send me some feedback to let me know when something is not working as it should!


  • Whole new Menu Design!
    • New category system: the applications are now organized in categories.
    • The Categories do now have a brief description
    • ICONS ADDED!! :D
  • New Categories
    • Generators: All the generators are found here, combined with new ones like QR-Code generator! You can now generate a QR-Code for your Wifi network, so you don’t have to type in the password each time a friend comes by. (Of cause you have to register your network in a private list of all networks you want to add, but you’ll only have to do it once, and it is stored in your iCloud) It is also able to generate a banking QR-Code, but PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ALL OF YOUR REGISTERED DATA IS STORED IN YOUR PRIVATE ICLOUD, BUT NOT YET ENCRYPTED. THIS WILL BE A FUTURE UPDATE. IF YOU DONT WANT IT TO BE STORED UNENCRYPTED, YOU CAN ALSO USE THE ONE-TIME-OPTION, SO YOUR DATA WILL BE DELETED AFTER FINISHING THE OPERATIONS.
      • New password generator: The password generator has gotten new internals, as well as a new feature: it will generate five different passwords with the same length you’ve chosen and it will present them to you so you can choose which one is the best! Everything it generates will be stored in the clipboard and will be deleted fifteen minutes after finishing the generating process. (Upcoming feature: In the future, the generator will calculate, wich one of the 250 generated passwords is the safest, and will save that password instantly to your clipboard. For now, you will have to choose which one of five password you want to use.)
    • Numbers: Simple: play around with π, e and other operations!
    • Calculations: All the calculation operations are accessible right here. Use the statistics tool for simple statistical operations on datasets, or use the factorization tool and many more.
    • De/Encoder: This one‘s new! De- and encode messages you’d like to send using morse code or binary code!
    • Extra: Some special things are waiting for you, such as „I‘m home soon!“ and an option to archive your shortcuts! You can even run older versions of the All-In-One-Generator through that application!
      • Archived shortcuts- how does it work? You can choose as many shortcuts as you want out of your library, which are saved within an archive in your iCloud. That means, that you’re able to run them from any IOS Device that supports Siri Shortcuts and is connected to your iCloud Account! When archived, you can delete those shortcuts from your library. This is especially helpful considering the new share menu within IOS 13, which, if you’ve got many shortcuts in your library, will get pretty messy.
    • Custom Actions: Connect your own shortcuts with the All-In-One-Generator, so you just have to choose the All-In-One-Generator in the share sheet
  • Automatic language detection (German and English supported)
  • Automatically searches for Updates every sixth time you run the shortcut, or at the end of a session
  • The first time you start the generator, it will automatically generate and download all needed data from the internet. This may take a few minutes, but after it you will not need to do it ever again, unless you delete any data. If so, it will only download that specific file you have deleted.
  • New and improved language support for English and German
  • Many structural changes internally


  • The alert for restrictions at the beginning was removed
  • The update function was replaced with an automated one
  • Operation timer

Have fun :)


Latest Release Notes

6.2 - Feb. 17, 2020, 3:37 p.m.

2020 Patch 1

Feedback (Extra-> Feedback) now works as intended.

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