Save TikToks

Save a TikTok (or anything with a url) for later access


Designed to store TikToks, but can be used for anything with a url. This shortcut saves a url and the TikTok/URL’s title to a file, organized by name or category.

The companion shortcut, Open/Remove Saved TikToks is available to open, copy, or edit the saved list.

To save a TikTok, go to ShareOtherSave TikToks. If you’re having trouble, make sure the shortcut is shown in the Share Sheet (three dots on the shortcut, then three dots in the right upper corner, then “Show in Share Sheet”).

If you want to add a new user, select “Other” when prompted for which user to save for. NEW IN 2.00: Save a TikTok to multiple users without running the shortcut multiple times. Simply select the users (or even a new user) when prompted.

This shortcut saves to and reads from a directory you set up. If, for some reason, you need to change that name, you can access the setup variables in the settings of the shortcut.

Latest Release Notes

2.00 - Oct. 6, 2021, 3:36 a.m.

Updated and rewritten to save each user’s TikToks in a different file (to speed up reading and writing) and to allow you to see a list of existing users you’ve created and then choose one or more to save to.

Version history