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Generate styled Discord timestamps


iOS 15: Works (iOS 15.1 beta 2) iOS 15: Works (iOS 15.1 beta 2)

Sometimes in Discord you chat with people in other time zones. If you write "let's do X tomorrow at 23:00" it's ambiguous and/or confusing.

Discord let's you write <t:1632085200:f> instead. For me, in Spain, it will appear as "Sunday 19 23:00". For someone in New York it will say "Sunday 19, 5:00 pm". This shortcut makes really easy to generate codes like that one.

Oh, and that large number in the middle of the code? That's the date and time in "Unix time" format: https://www.unixtimestamp.com/

Once you select a style, your Discord time code will be copied to the clipboard.

Doing a shortcut to generate the codes was really easy, but adding the preview of each style available turned out to be a decent bit of extra work.

Are you fluent in another language (other than English , Spanish or Catalan)? Translate these short text fragments and I'll add it in the next version! If you understand the JSON format, this is what the shortcut needs for every language (do not translate the uppercase parts!):

    "SELECT_DATE_TIME": "Select the date and time for your code",
    "LONG_DATE_TIME": "Long date and time",
    "SHORT_DATE_TIME": "Short date and time",
    "LONG_DATE": "Long date",
    "SHORT_DATE": "Short date",
    "LONG_TIME": "Long time",
    "SHORT_TIME": "Short time",
    "RELATIVE_TIME": "Relative time",
    "SELECT_STYLE": "Select a style for your code",
    "COPIED_TO_CLIPBOARD": "%s copied to clipboard"

Thanks to @FifiTheBulldog for the official documentation link. Also, they did it first! 😃

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