Redirect from AMP Links—for FREE


De-AMP redirects from AMP web pages and opens standard, non-AMP web pages directly in your preferred browser—for FREE!!!
Some apps require you to pay for this functionality. Not De-AMP. De-AMP is 100% FREE and always will be!

De-AMP currently supports all browsers listed below regardless of iOS default browser setting!

De-AMP: Supported Browsers

See De-AMP in Action De-AMP: Redirect from AMP links Graphic made with [MediaKit](

De-AMP also works with non-AMP web pages! Any time you encounter a broken web page that won’t render correctly (or at all), you can run De-AMP to open the web page in a different browser!

Using De-AMP for Broken Web Pages Using De-AMP for Broken Web Pages

Screenshots De-AMP Screenshots

PLEASE NOTE: De-AMP is designed to run from the share sheet in a web browser. De-AMP will not work if run as a standalone app.

Latest Release Notes

5.0.0 - June 23, 2022, 3:25 p.m.

• De-AMP now supports Opera Crypto browser, Osiris Web3 browser, and Mozilla WebXR Viewer!
• Removed update check
• Updated icons and menus
• Consolidated actions
• Updated Onboarding screen

Version history