Cydia Installer

Install Cydia without a computer.


Cydia Installer

Cydia is the most popular alternative to the App Store, and like all third-party app stores for iOS, it is only available for jailbroken devices. Many of the apps available on Cydia are those who could not pass through the approval process of the official App Store. For example, Apple doesn't allow programs that replicate functionality already found on the device or uses them in ways that might damage the device, like one that uses 3D Touch to convert an iPhone into a kitchen scale.

Cydia contains apps that you can't find on the App Store. One of its more popular offerings switches Bluetooth on or off so you can get to it quickly without searching through settings or pulling up the iPad's control panel. This app can't pass Apple's approval process because it replicates a feature that already exists.


  • To setup Cydia, click on « Get Shortcut ».
  • Click « Add Shortcut ».
  • The shortcut is going to be installed, now launch it and there is a menu appears. If you want to install Cydia, click Yes. Or else, click No.
  • If you clicked Yes, then you going to be redirect to a webpage. Click on the share icon and tap « Add to Home Screen » and « Add ».


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Disclaimer : You can’t download tweaks. This is a demo.

If you have any errors or problem, tell me in the comments.

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