Vax Card Preview

Brings up a photo of your Covid-19 vaccination card


Thanks for getting vaccinated and protecting people around you! Don’t forget to keep wearing your mask — this ain’t over yet, but the vaccine and masking are what will get us there.

Put a clear, tightly cropped photo of your COVID-19 vaccination card in its own album in Photos (the shortcut will ask for the album title the first time it’s run) and this shortcut will pull it up for you whenever you run it, even if your phone is locked. Clicking on the image when it comes up will bring it up in Photos so you can zoom in if needed. It’s especially useful as a widget or Home Screen bookmark.

Orientation lock is turned on and screen brightness increased to 100% while the image is shown in a preview window, then returns to off and previous brightness when the window is closed. The photo filter will pull up the most recent image in the album so it will show the latest version of your card if you get a booster (just make sure to add the new photo!).

Latest Release Notes

1.1 - Oct. 29, 2021, 12:17 a.m.

Variable for album title added to set up an import question, import questions on album title and final Orientation Lock state added, along with a change log

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