Library Due Dates

Scan a library book’s barcode to add a Reminder or Calendar event for the due date


Avoid late fees and a guilty conscience!

Scan a library book’s UPC barcode* and this shortcut will create a reminder or calendar event populated with the due date, title and cover art (currently pulled from and iTunes) and will notify you however many days in advance you’d like that you need to return the book soon.

The first time it’s run, the shortcut will ask you for the length of your library’s typical loan period, how many days before a due date you’d like to receive a reminder, your preferred priority rating for books that cannot be renewed and the Reminders list or Calendar you’d like to add due dates to.

Supported: 📚 💿

(I’m hoping to add support for DVDs and other physical materials commonly checked out from libraries but for now this shortcut is intended primarily for physical books. Audiobook CDs should also work but please comment if you run into an error!)

*note: scan the barcode printed on the book NOT the barcode sticker your library put on it

Latest Release Notes

1.2 - Dec. 25, 2021, 8:16 p.m.

Added search of Open Library’s Covers Repository for reminders, as well as filtering of image search results and the option to use/select a different image than the largest one (which may not always be the right one, or the nicest), added ISBN to note section, updated import questions, streamlined a few things

Version history