Gym Value Calculator

Tells you if your unlimited membership is worth it or how many visits you need to make it so


Not sure if the one-month unlimited gym membership was actually the best deal for how often (errr… rarely) you go?

This shortcut keeps a list of dates you went to the gym in Data Jar and tells you the cost per visit, if the unlimited visits/limited timespan membership option (e.g., a one-month pass) was a better deal than a limited visit/unlimited timespan membership (e.g., 5- or 10-punch passes), and if it’s not, just how many visits you need to make it a good deal before the membership period is over.

To use this shortcut you’ll need to create a dictionary in Data Jar that contains dictionaries or lists for each membership period. Import questions will ask you for the membership end date, Data Jar keypath for the membership period, the price of both membership options and how many visits are included in the alternative membership option. If you try to log a gym visit after the end date, the shortcut will suggest you add a new end date and keypath and take you to the shortcut to make edits.


(I’m a cheapskate and have a terrible memory so this shortcut helps me keep track of when I actually made it to the gym, but also motivates me to go so I can make the cost per visit as low as possible. Every little thing helps!)

Latest Release Notes

1.0 - Oct. 29, 2021, 12:52 a.m.

Initial release