iOS/WatchOS •Frames•

Add iDevice and WatchOS frames to Screenshots.


This Shortcut was made by AvartHurden from Reddit. It use a dictionary to store all the data (frame resolutions, device resolutions, frame colors, x/y coordinates, etc) for the iDevice and WatchOS frames. The problem was that there where a few bugs. The landscape was not working properly, combine iPhone and WatchOS frames in one output image was not working, etc.

So, i fixed all the bugs so now you can combine iPad, iPhone and WatchOS frames to one image. Landscape is now working properly. Also added support for iPhoneXR (all colors!) and iPhone 7+. Did some changes to the screenshot output sorting.

Last but not least, i “made” (tweaked) a Watermarker Shortcut to use toghether with this frames Shortcut. So you can add a Base64 encoded image to the Watermarker Shortcut and use it on the output frame(s) image. When you first run the Watermark Shortcut you will be asked to add your encoded Watermark.


Supported devices:

iPhone 4 - Black, White

iPhone SE - Space Gray, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold

iPhone 6/7/8 - Space Gray, Silver

iPhone 6+/7+/8+ - Space Gray, Silver

iPhone X/XS - Space Gray, Silver

iPhoneXR - all colors!

Apple Watch 38mm - Space Gray with Black Band, Silver with White Band

Apple Watch 40mm - Space Gray with Black Band

Apple Watch 42mm - Silver with Black Band, Silver with White Band

Apple Watch 44mm - Space Gray with Black Band, Silver with White Band

iPad 9.7" - Space Gray, Silver, Gold

iPad 10.5" - Space Gray, Silver

iPad 12.9" (2018) - Space Gray

Latest Release Notes

1.1 - Dec. 13, 2018, 7:35 p.m.

- Support for Apple Watch series 4 40mm

- iPad 12.9” frame changed to 2018 model

- Added a new Watermarker to add “Shot on iPhone” logo

Version history