Release Notes for Shortcuts



ReleaseKit generates release notes for shortcuts!

Let users know about all of the new features, bug fixes, improvements, and everything else included in the new version of your shortcut!

Note: ReleaseKit is currently in beta. Additional features and improvements will be included in future updates.

I will be updating this page to include quasi-roadmap very soon. I will also share how ReleaseKit, PromoKit, miCloud, and CloudCuts will eventually work together in the future.


See ReleaseKit in Action:

ReleaseKit 1.0.0

Once your Release Notes have been generated, the code will be copied to your clipboard. Add code to beginning of shortcut and display as a webpage. Do this prior to uploading your shortcut to RoutineHub.

When users download the latest version, the release notes will be displayed when they run the updated shortcut for the first time.

How to Add Release Notes to Your Shortcut

How to Add Release Notes to Your Shortcut

Latest Release Notes

2.0.1 - Dec. 4, 2021, 8:33 p.m.

• Fixed incorrect version number in updater

• Fixed incorrect RoutineHub ID in updater

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