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Amazon Affiliate Linker

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1.3 1 year ago
iOS 15
- Fixed the Copy menu option to correctly copy the Final URL text to the clipboard on both Mac and iOS/iPadOS.


1.2 1 year ago
iOS 15
- Added a Replace Text action that normalizes an Amazon URL that uses the “/gp/product/“ format before reformatting. This should help with the “index 0” issue when the ASIN doesn’t directly follow “gp” in the original URL.

Note: I’ve noticed that sometimes the final menu option to copy the final URL doesn’t correctly get the link onto the clipboard. From what I understand, this is a known bug in Shortcuts for iOS 15. When I run into that issue, I typically rerun the shortcut, and then Share instead at the end, and use the Copy action in the Share Sheet.


1.1 1 year ago
iOS 15
- Fixed an incorrect character in the final URL build (&tag instead of ?tag)
- Added RoutineHub URL to opening comment block so you can find where to get the latest version
- Added a check to see if the input URL is an Amazon link, and returns an error message and stops if it is not


1.0 1 year ago
iOS 15
Introducing Amazon Affiliate Linker v1.0