A mobile friendly, JavaScript color picker snippet for any shortcut. Includes Transparency.



A 4 action color picker snippet you can use in any shortcut... includes transparency.

Outputs multiple color selections at once in Hex, RGBA, & HSLA formats.

Output is an array of dictionaries, one for each color selected. keys are:

  • 'hex' : an 8 digit color hex w/ transparency
  • 'rgbString' : rgb color
  • 'rgbaString' : rgb w/ transparency
  • 'rgba' : array of raw rgba values
  • 'hslString' : hsl color
  • 'hslaString' : hsl w/ transparency
  • 'hsla' : array of raw hsla values

An alternative use is to pass a color as a url parameter to QuickColor in order to retreive the other color formats.

Get the text contents of the page (coerce the URL to Rich Text) and retreive your input color's Hex, RGBA, & HSLA formats. (same output dictionary as the picker.

Latest Release Notes

1 - Nov. 20, 2021, 10:28 p.m.

Initial release