I got in a wreck

Texts an emergency contact that you got in a wreck


If you get in a wreck and execute this shortcut or say “hey Siri I got in a wreck” it will send your location to an emergency contact, turn your flashlight on and call a number (911 or emergency contact). Feel free to add suggestions in the comments.

Please leave more suggestions in the comment section.

NEW! I am currently working on a 2.0. Here is a list of things I am working on.

  1. Alarm that plays if your battery is high. (If anyone has good alarm sounds please comment them).
  2. Take a picture every 5 minutes (or other time) and send it to your emergency contact so they can see how you are doing.
  3. Ability to live stream yourself to an emergency contact (still waiting on a livestream app that supports workflow).
  4. Telling your emergency contact your battery level every 5 minutes (or other time).
  5. Automatic updates for app (This was released in 1.6 thanks to Update Kit 2.0 by Mike Beas).

If you have any other ideas or suggestions on what I set above please let me know.

Latest Release Notes

1.9.1 - Dec. 24, 2020, 4:15 a.m.

Pre 2.0 release. Full iOS 14 support. Overhauled update system and cleaned up some code.

Version history