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This is just something I played with that was a bit of fun for a while, but have no plans for updating.

  • I don't know how long you’ll be kept logged in for.
  • It doesn't background music.
  • Copying/Pasting from the site is hard (you need someone with regex skills to pull it out)
  • There are better ways of quickly accessing favorite playlists etc
  • Has a en-gb specific part to the URL in there, you will probably need to change it.

So I put created some home screen icons that jump to a few bits of your favourite music, but not by calling any Shortcuts.

It uses embeds from the apple music marketing tool, and wraps them in a pwa that can be added as a home screen icon. It will play whole tracks (if you are logged on, and have Apple Music),

I don't have an Apple Music subscription, I don't really feel the need to play with it. If it works for anyone else, or they want to use the idea, please go ahead. I’m not sure its much use as is.


Tip for people using Home Screen icon apps. Add a get file action as well App Store/Photos, and you can keep a pack of similarly colored icons at hand for choosing in icloud rather than clogging up the photos app.

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