MindTether helps you stay grounded by changing the phone background to help remind what day it is




MindTether is designed for those that may experience brain fog from medications, pain, or a multitude of other reasons. For those with brain fog, simply remembering what day it is can have a profound impact.

MindTether's goal is to create friendly colored backgrounds associated with each day of the week, along with the day being written clearly.

This shortcut, and the underlying API are fresh in development and may not be fully stable.

Supported Phones

While technically I suppose any iPhone version could run this shortcut, it's currently generating backgrounds for iPhone 13 Pro phones. Prior to adding additional features to the Shortcut, my goal is to get the API to support all phone sizes.

The background image takes advantage of the last app line on the home screen, above the docked apps to display text. You may need to reshuffle apps to make it look good.

How to use

MindTether is pretty simple in how it functions. When the shortcut is run, it makes a call to the MindTether API. The API returns the URL of the phone background. The shortcut then downloads the image using the temporary URL and sets it as the background.

There is no real setup to make it go at this point. Since everything is currently hardcoded for iPhone 13 Pro, there's really no input needed. On first run, you will be asked to allow it to connect to two different URLs, the API url and the image download URL. You will also be asked to allow the shortcut to change your background. Once you grant all three permissions, you shouldn't have to do it again. Failure to grant permissions will result in the shortcut failing.

How to change your background daily automatically (the actual setup work)

Within the Shortcuts app on your iPhone go to the Automations section. From there you can create a time based automation that runs the shortcut everyday (I suggest in the wee morning!).

Known issues

  • The generated background may be askew, stretched or otherwise distorted after a phone restart. It's being investigated. The workaround is to simply run the Shortcut again and it will fix the issue.


At this point in time, there is no storage of any user specific data. All API requests store data ephemerally and destroyed after the request is complete. The only exception is IP logging in the access log for security purposes. This information will be used for the sole purpose of security and nothing more.

Check out the GitHub Repo


Questions? email [email protected] (please note the spelling of my quaks!)

This is an open-source project I work on in my very spare time. Feedback is appreciated, but implementations will take some time. Thanks for understanding [email protected]

Latest Release Notes

0.0.1 - Jan. 8, 2022, 11:13 p.m.

Temp version.
Also introduced better versioning….

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