3 Clipboard.s

Clipboard manager, edit & manipulate Text in 3 Clipboards and full screen for AppleOS devices


▶▶▶ 3 Clipboard.s Version 3.3.4 (10.19.2023) on AppleOS by 𝖮sᴛᴀʀᴄ, https://routinehub.co/shortcut/10657/

COMPATIBILITY: iOS.17 (See 🪲 ABOUT 3Cb.s > What's new ?) - iPadOS.17 - MacOS.13.3

SUMMARY OF WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH 3CLIPBOARD.s (3Cb.s), and a little (or a lot) of text.
The complete description of the functions can be found in the Help integrated in the shortcut. New functions in the latest version are taggedand improvements

⮕ Edit clipboard text in full screen with all the basic functions of a word processor: Type, Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, Translate, Speak, Cancel…
⮕ Save text anywhere: share, to note, add to note, create TXT file, to a permanent clipboard, to a temporary clipboard
⮕ Save history of clipboard contents to the permanent editable clipboard (iCloud, Optional ▲)
⮕ Transiently save significant or milestone changes to a temporary 3rd internal clipboard
⮕ Choose font size or fixed width, in the chosen system mode, dark or clear
⮕ Numbering the lines of a text or a list
⮕ Clear clipboard
⮕ Sort lines or words of text in alphanumeric order
⮕ Find and replace or insert in text any group of characters in simple mode or in RegEx language (with help and examples)
⮕ Find, count, tag and show occurrences of one or more strings simultaneously in the text
⮕ Find and show in their context the occurrences of two neighboring words separated by a variable number of characters
⮕ Search (on iOS or iPadOS) as on TextEdit or Safari by scrolling through occurrences
⮕ Read or Edit in landscape mode with possible cancellations of input (workaround for iOS17bug)🪲

⮕ Convert text to hex code
⮕ Encode and decode base64 text, and more
⮕ Convert an Internet Address (URL) to a Hyperlink
⮕ Convert an HTML file to TXT
⮕ Open and convert PDF to unformatted text
⮕ Convert text to QR code
⮕ Extract text from photos or scans using character recognition (OCR) and organize it to form a copy of a document or book
⮕ Convert text to different Uppercase and Lowercase modes
⮕ Transform text into 𝙐𝙉𝙄𝘾𝙊𝘿𝙀 𝙨𝙩𝙮𝙡𝙚𝙨 that apps don't handle (e.g. make italicized or small caps words in the Messages app)

⮕ Quickly access a number of special characters (arrows, stars, circled numbers, etc.)
⮕ Format time-stamped device location data into text compatible with any mapping software
⮕ Search the contents of the clipboard on the internet in some useful sites (especially in french version)
⮕ Automatically compile a document of the content of one or more internet articles from the URLs
⮕ Load TXT file to clipboard
⮕ Compare 2 texts or lists word by word
⮕ Build a list of files in a directory on the device or network (with sub-directories), classified according to the main criteria
⮕ Make inventory of the different types of characters in the text (letters, numbers, punctuation, etc.)
⮕ Make inventory of words and phrases in the text with reading time calculation

⮕ What's new in the latest version of 3Cb.s
⮕ Check for 3Cb.s update and load updates
⮕ Open Shortcuts application (for better performance, or to control or change the code)
⮕ Launch the French version of 3Cb.s Presse-papiers
⮕ Look up words in 3Cb.s's Help
⮕ Show 3Cb.s's Help

EXIT 3Cb.s
⮕ Quit this shortcut.

Latest Release Notes

3.3.4 - Oct. 19, 2023, 5:04 a.m.

▶ Change of the 2 characters reserved for the search function: ▲▼
▶ Removal of the "Share" menu, 3CB.s remained blocked and generated anomalies, and the function was not useful since the content to share is still in the clipboard.
▶ Added the EXIT menu to properly exit 3CB.s (following certain blocking cases in iOS 17)

Reminder Bugs iOS 16 & iOS 17 :
🪲 Display of the html page in landscape mode is still not available.
🦋 Undo typing on the html page is back in iOS 17.

Version history