Media Info

Get technical metadata from your media files


This shortcut gets technical information from the "streams" of a media file. For example:

  • Duration
  • Aspect ratio (for video)
  • Dimensions (for video)
  • Sample rate (for audio)
  • Frame count
  • Frame rate (for video)
  • Codec
  • Language (if defined)

The data is generated by the ffprobe program, which in iOS is available through either the a-Shell (~900 MB) or a-Shell mini (~300 MB) apps. Both are free and open source. Before version 1.5, in iOS 14, the shortcut can't detect by itself which one is installed, so an import question asks the user which app is installed.

From version 1.5 on this question is not necessary, both apps work without distinction in iOS 15. In macOS 12 the shortcut checks if the ffprobe command is available via shell, and if not, downloads it and uses it. No other software is necessary.

The output of the shortcut is a dictionary with all the metadata. Without input the shortcut works as a demo, allowing the user to pick a media file and see the metadata in table format. With input the shortcut works as a function, generating silently the output dictionary.

Latest Release Notes

1.5.1 - April 15, 2022, 7:15 p.m.

Implemented a workaround for a bug in iOS 15.4.1 that deleted the commands in the a-Shell action

Version history