Save to Pinnacle Album

Add snapshots of completed Pinnacle Climb Log sessions to a dedicated Photos album


Nothing fancy here!

If you use the Pinnacle Climb Log app to keep track of your rock climbing sessions, add snapshots of your completed sessions to a dedicated Photos album with this shortcut from the share sheet.

Create an album in Photos, share your sessions using this shortcut, then use other shortcuts to create simple visual summaries you can save in journaling apps or elsewhere (feel free to comment here with how you end up using the resulting images!).

Note: I’m not affiliated with Pinnacle in any way, I’m just a huge data nerd who likes bouldering a lot. If you want to track your climbing and don’t want to post it on what’s essentially a social network (i.e., MyClimb) but find spreadsheets too clunky, I would recommend checking it out! After using if for several months now I can’t say I regret spending the $4.99.

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