Capture Bread Info

Scans UPCs, stores products, calculate pricing using dictionaries and JSON files



Description This shortcut is one of 4. The other two are: Scan and Bread Value.

They are meant to be run in the following order:

1) Empty Basket: Create EMPTY txt file called Stale Bread.txt. Run This first.

2) Capture Bread Info: this app asks for how many bread types and their names. The list of names is stored as a text list in iCloud Shortcuts folder.

This does three things: captures the UPC codes of scanned items and assigns them to each bread item in the Bread List file. It stores them as a JAON file in iCloud Shortcuts folder as BreadUPC.

It also asks for the prices of each bread item and stores it as a file called Bread Prices as a JSON file in iCloud Shortcuts folder.

This shortcut is uses probably once

3) Scan: This shortcut scans items UPC cap area to items already scanned in the setup process. If it does not find the UPC it tells you. If it finds it it asks you to enter the number of Stale loaves. Do this until you are done scanning.

4) Bread Value. This shortcut takes the scanned stale Breads and multiplies the price times the qty to get the total value and displays it as an alert. It also saves the data to a text file with the current dat stamp.

Latest Release Notes

1.0 - Nov. 29, 2018, 4:55 a.m.