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Goodberry's Flavor of the Day

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4.0 3 days, 7 hours ago
iOS 16
This is the first "official" iOS 16 approved version, though the previous version should have been working fine.

Other changes:
-If the Shortcut returns no flavor, the error message should show the Flavor of the Day on the same day 1 year prior. Super fun.
-If the Shortcut is ran on a holiday when Goodberry's is not open (Thanksgiving and Christmas), the holiday message will include the Flavor of the Day for the following day.
-There is a new variable to designate whether the shortcut should use the Current Date when it is ran, or if the user should specify the date each time the shortcut is ran. It's defaulted to Current Date, but a Setup prompt will allow the user to change to Specify Date if desirable.
-Various changes to verbiage throughout the shortcut.


3.2 3 months, 2 weeks ago
iOS 15
Important update. I noticed a flaw in the new API logic that would have made it difficult to add the next month's flavor before the month begins. This update should accommodate that scenario, gracefully, going forward.


3.1 3 months, 3 weeks ago
iOS 15
RoutineHub's uptime has become a bit unreliable, so the Shortcut has been updated so that it checks for new versions from Github. I'll continue to maintain RoutineHub, as well, and may move the version checker function back to RoutineHub if performance improves.


3.0 3 months, 3 weeks ago
iOS 15
My previous method of getting the Flavor of the Day, via Google Calendar HTML, failed me. A new Github page has been configured, and the Flavor of the Day is now sourced from a REST API on that page.


2.4 8 months, 3 weeks ago
iOS 15
Created a new variable (isHoliday) for the piece of the Shortcut that checks whether today is a holiday that Goodberry's is closed on. This is the first "iOS 15 Version" of the Shortcut on RoutineHub, though the previous version should have also been working fine on iOS 15.


2.31 10 months, 1 week ago
iOS 14
Count API still had a link that was being used for testing. Updated the link.


2.3 10 months, 1 week ago
iOS 14
1. An action was added that connects to the Count API. Count API does exactly what it says, and will simply count the number of times the page is hit. By default, the Shortcut will hit the page each time it is ran, which will allow me to get a better idea of the Shortcut's usage. There are instructions in the initial install that will allow a user to opt out if preferred.

2. Added an option to the list that is presented when the Shortcut does not return any results. The user will be capable of creating an email, including a pre-populated message, to reach out to me directly for assistance.

3. Made some further adjustments to the comments found within the Shortcut.


2.2 10 months, 4 weeks ago
iOS 14
If the Shortcut doesn't return a result for some reason, previously the it would simply say that. Now, it will say that, but it will also present options to see the Flavor of the Day calendar on Goodberry's website and on my website.

Also added some clarity to the instructions for subscribing to the Flavor of the Day calendar from within the Shortcut.

Lastly, revised some of the messages in the Shortcut.


2.1 11 months ago
iOS 14
Added some more detail to the Update Available prompt.


2.0 11 months ago
iOS 14
My version numbers were ridiculous. Fixed.


1.0722 11 months ago
iOS 14
Updater fixed. Seems to be working with iOS 15, too.


1.07.22 11 months ago
iOS 14
Updater added.


1.0 11 months ago
iOS 14
This is the first version added to Routinehub, and does not include an Updater.