Quick Icon Maker

An icon maker


  • Custom colours, encodings, and file types
  • Transparent Background (please note this cant be set as default background colour right now only selected as the background each session)
  • Shares as a file, base 64, or to Photo Album
  • Easy to search on names like archive, address card, bookmark, database, bed, bicycle.


Run from another Shortcut

Just pass the name of the Shortcut running it, and it will use the name in the menus, and return the selected icon to the Shortcut calling it rather than showing the file/photos/Base64 option.

Using in your Shortcut

Fonts are provided by fontawesome.com under cc-by license, please include attribution in your Shortcut comments when using.


Latest Release Notes

4.35 - April 10, 2019, 9:37 p.m.

Attribution added

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