One shortcut, all your social media apps.


This is OneSocial.

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OneSocial simplifies your social media. It collects all of the most popular apps and puts them in one place.


  • Choose between using the web version and the app.
  • Passcode support
  • Disguise OneSocial as an eBook reader
  • Alerts when websites are missing features


First, thanks for even considering to donate! You can donate via cryptocurrency.

BTC: bc1qphtnlt70w6pg434jmx0rsh5j299pny8cgxw0fq

ETH: 0xae19beb39E6ccF5a2Ed080a0C9b34D3145214a62

DOGE: DDChDg5i3wwBTJiEogM253EZ6fAqW6kQAq

Latest Release Notes

2022.1.1 - Jan. 31, 2022, 6:40 a.m.

Added an updater. You’ll need to install the Fast Update Shortcut, and you’ll be prompted to do this within OneSocial.

Version history