Noir Configuration Utility

Set dark mode and image dimming preferences for multiple domains at a time.


Noir Configuration Utility Logo

This shortcut expects a rich text list of URLs to be in the clipboard. The idea is that you can use Safari 15’s “Copy Links” button on a tab group to set Noir preferences on all of the domains represented in said tab group.

Upon installation of the shortcut, you’ll be prompted to choose: 1. Dark Mode setting - Auto, On, or Off. 2. Image Dimming setting - toggle on or off. 3. An Apple Notes folder for basic logs of settings changed.

Unfortunately, there is currently no method (that I’m aware of) of making the Noir preferences configurable between runs of the shortcut. If you’d like to set different preferences, my best advice is to maintain multiple installations of the shortcut for each set of preferences. (One for Dark Mode Off/Image Dimming Off, another for Dark Mode Auto, Image Dimming On, etc.)

Latest Release Notes

1.1 - Feb. 2, 2022, 9:23 p.m.

Add audio notification.

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