The Cheating Chef

Help with the timing of cooking complicated meals. Sets up complex cooking alarms in seconds.


Cheating Chef

So you’re cooking a complex meal?

If you want everything to be ready and hot at the same time, then you have some maths to do. With Cook Helper you start with item that has the longest cooking time then add everything else, and the shortcut will do everything else.

For example
  • The meat takes 85 minutes
  • The two vegetables dishes take 25 and 12 minutes
  • Then finally you have 3 minutes to make a gravy.

It’s not impossible to time a meal like this but with this shortcut there’s no need to do any mental arithmetic.

The Cheating Chef will set multiple custom alarms, telling you when to start cooking each dish. You will receive a labeled alarm like: ”Time to cook the carrots” etc etc. When all the food is done you’ll get a final alarm. It's time to eat.

Latest Release Notes

0.5 - Nov. 30, 2018, 6:45 p.m.

First Release