VacZoom (iOS/macOS)

Join your Zoom meetings effortlessly using either a meeting id/passcode combination or a link.



VacZoom is designed to simplify your meetings by joining them directly. This shortcut works for both iOS and macOS, making it versatile enough to fit any schedule. You have the option to join meetings through meeting id/passcode combinations or through a zoom link. You could even automatically leave your meeting on macOS after a certain amount of minutes from entering. Regardless, you could automate this shortcut to join your meetings for you automatically.

Configuring the Shortcut

You can use only one VacZoom shortcut per meeting schedule because VacZoom will store only enough information to join one meeting. As a result, I recommend renaming it per class or schedule and creating copies for each.

Once you open the shortcut, commented directions will be present at the top. Below is a dictionary where you will put information about the meeting you want to join in the value section.

The keys and their expected values:

  • Meeting ID- Meeting id (not needed if you plan to join through URL)
  • Passcode- Meeting passcode for the Zoom meeting, but could be left blank if there is no passcode (not needed if you plan to join through URL)
  • URL- The URL of the Zoom link (not needed if you plan to join through meeting id/passcode)
  • Traditional- This determines if you want to join by meeting id/passcode (true) or through URL (false)
  • Time- Set the number of minutes to wait before automatically leaving the meeting (only available on macOS)

Official Website

More information about the shortcut can be found on the official website.

Latest Release Notes

1.0 - Jan. 26, 2022, 2:28 a.m.

The base version. Updates are not possible because they will override schedule information.