A link manager, to edit the links you have to edit the shortcut.


What this shortcut does:

This shortcut shows you links that you put in a dictionary.

How to edit the links

To edit the links, edit the shortcut then find a dictionary that has the routinehub link in the value then edit the dictionary. The item you are adding must be a Text item. (Write the names (in order) in the list below the dictionary btw)

How to edit the options

To edit the options, edit the shortcut then go to the top of the shortcut then you can find a Dictionary below an Option comment. (Do not add items in the Options Dictionary.)

The options

Link Visible - if true the link will be visible while you are still choosing a link

Default: True

App Name - Safari and Chrome are supported, type safari in the option to open safari when opening a link or type chrome in the option to open chrome when opening a link.

Default: Safari

is Incognito - ( Only works for chrome ) Opens the link in incognito mode.

Default: False

Latest Release Notes

1.01 - Jan. 27, 2022, 12:56 a.m.

I accidentally added one more name to the list oops ☠️

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