One More Thing (you don't need to remember)

"Hey Siri, why can't you add multiple reminders at once?" Now you can


Hey Siri, add chicken to my shopping list

Hey Siri, add cheese to my shopping list

Hey Siri, add pasta to my shopping list
Hey Siri, add oh god why is this taking so long

I'm sorry, I didn't understand "oh dog white dresses trickle log"

nah, ain't no one got time for that

Using One More Thing you can dictate multiple reminders at once - I use it for a shopping list as you might be able to tell from above - simply separate each item with the word "and", like "Chicken and cheese and pasta" and the One More Thing shortcut will do the rest.

Better yet? You can add a location when you install the shortcut and receive notifications for each item on your list when you arrive at the location - You don't have to open reminders or any app, simply look at your phone and dismiss the notifications or mark as completed by force-touching the notification.

Latest Release Notes

0.6 - Dec. 1, 2018, 10:22 a.m.

Adds prompt to choose a reminder list

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