Your Own Personal DJ

Choose a vibe and it'll hook you up with some music


Meet your own personal DJ 🎧

This shortcut is meant to speedily get the ~vibes~ going without you having to navigate spotify to select a playlist. Its repertoire contains many of my personal playlists, which will continue to be curated by me on Spotify if you happen to enjoy and want to keep them. However!! You may also very easily personalize it to your tastes and even add as many potential playlists to each category or additional categories of ✨vibage✨

It's simple-- choose a vibe you're going for and where you'd like the music to be cast and this baby boots up a random but accordingly curated playlist on spotify to get the intended ambiance without so much as a thought or additional taps. The purpose is for convenience as well as a way to shuffle up your favorite playlists to have something new to listen to each time.

I personally use it for jamming out in the shower/car, getting some bangers going for a party, or kicking up energy at the gym, or even setting the mood for a cozy night-in with wine by the virtual YouTube fireplace with nobody else but your cat. Anyone? Yeah haha... me neither...

Now to the nitty gritty... There are two components to this bad boy:

  • Part A (prompt selection)

  • Part B (execute selection)

  • Optional: An extra convenient little tool to help convert your playlists into the format used in a snap

All component links are included within this shortcut.

Instructions are all in the shortcut itself and should be fairly self explanatory, but please note the following:

  1. You need both Google Assistant and Shorcutify with a Spotify developer account connected (super simple, just a Google away!).

  2. Personalize your vibe categories and playlists in each category list with the following format: Playlist Name~URL to playlist

  3. I also set it up based on the devices that I play music on. Personalize or delete this function as you see fit!

  4. Modify and tweak the "Wait" action times if it doesn't work right on your device. I've noticed variability in specifications between my iPhone and iPad for example, with the iPad needing more time between certain actions. Spotify can be buggy, feel free to comment if you're running into roadblocks there.

And you should be good to go!

(Getting spotify to even work alone was a MAJOR headache to make work. This is the culmination of many many hours of work! If you're feeling generous or absolutely love the shortcut my venmo is @nt829 😌)

Let me know what you guys think and if you've added any cool functions or mods! Since I'm still a novice at this any tips and tricks would be appreciated! Enjoy!

Latest Release Notes

1.04 - Feb. 6, 2022, 9:05 p.m.

- Added workout functionality so it'll keep your previous airpods volume when playing workout music instead of making it 50%. Please disable if you don't solely use the workout playlists with headphones exclusively like I do.
- please remember to set to your own devices in Google Assistant commands. I removed my iPhone device so it won't throw bugs at least when when playing on your device.
- reduced wait time and rearranged action order

Other recent changes from 1.03:
- UPDATES to Part A and B. Please note that you will have to update both for this update to work due to modified text and matching references
- Added Input functionality to part 1 to be easily added to other shortcuts and have an input with text format: vibe#device
- Added Input functionality to part 2 to be easily added to other shortcuts and have input with text format: playlistname~playlistURL#device
- Convert to playlist~URL formatting tool unchanged.
- Got rid of dependence on clipboard which was throwing bugs
- streamlined text matching and text processing

Version history