Modular CarPlay Navigation Assistant (Automation)

Modular, sometimes sassy Nav assistant that never says the same thing, or in the same accent twice


Ideally used as automation upon connection to CarPlay but may be used without CarPlay

The shortcut is meant to automate when you plug into carplay, asking you where you'd like to go, fitted with modular phrases and accents/languages that are randomly selected. The shortcut was designed to have thousands of output possibilities and to invoke different phrases each time to avoid repetition and respond more organically. I've also "encoded" little bits of playful responses and outputs to keep things entertaining and unexpected. Feel free to use and mod/personalize as you see fit! Can also be easily modded to waze, Google maps etc.

Shortcut outline:

  • Short greeting (in accent/language)

  • Prompt for dictation

  • Responds based on input (in same prior accent/language)

  • Pulls up directions on Google Maps (or cancels if prompted to, sometimes with sass)

This was my very first automation (weighing in at just above 200 actions)! Some coding approaches likely have more efficient alternatives, please feel free to let me know where actions can be trimmed/streamlined as I'm a novice. It was VERY finicky to work with solely because of what seems to be very notorious bugs on the iOS end. The way it's set up seems to work best on CarPlay.

DOWNLOAD HERE (3 components): updated as of 02/16/22

  • A. Dictation Prompt Component:

  • B. Response Component (evokes part C automatically):

  • C. Navigation Component (enter your addresses within this shortcut):

  • D. Siri shortcut (invokes A-C without having to create an automation when carplay connects):

EXTRA PARTS (for Siri-activated abridged version):

  • Part A, abridged without greeting (immediately prompts for directions). Intended for siri activation, not carplay automation.

  • Siri-activated shortcut using above abridged Part A:


  • There are three core shortcut components to the automation (A-C). You need all three to complete its intended task. I had to separate them as different shortcuts because CarPlay doesn't play nice otherwise. It also makes it easier to mod/edit.

  • Download part D as well if you would like to create a shortcut that will invoke the program with a siri command. Perfect for those who don't use CarPlay, but also useful for those that do. This is the part/Siri command you would execute to run the program instead of an automation (listed below).

  • You'll have to fill in your own addresses in the Navigation Component (C). You will also have to modify your name in various areas in the first component (A).

  • Create Automation as shown below.

AUTOMATION: (when plugged into CarPlay)

  • Run A

  • Run B (this automatically invokes C)

NOTE: it is set up like this because having A invoke B mutes all output after Dictation Prompt


  • If you'd like to modify the probabilities of certain responses you can play around with the Random Number "If" conditions in Part A and B. Right now it is more likely to pull up English, French, and British English as opposed to other accents.

  • the bizarre spelling in the speak commands are to make Siri sound more natural! I currently have my Siri set to American Voice 1, which is the voice it was constructed for

  • Have the listed accents downloaded in Accessibility. You'll know when something sounds off, and that probably means you need to download the accent or just set the language of speech actions to whatever it's already set to (idk why but this works and you only have to do it once)

Areas for Improvement (advice appreciated!):

  • your phone needs to be unlocked to grab dictation, unfortunately. If anyone knows a work around let me know.

  • Waze doesn't work as well, the location search sometimes returns errors. That seems like a Shortcuts issue.

Let me know what you think! Enjoy!

PS. If you really really enjoy the shortcut and feel like shooting me a few bucks my venmo is @nt829 🥰 it was very time intensive and I'm proud of the result!

Latest Release Notes

1.04 - Feb. 16, 2022, 8:30 a.m.

- Got rid of clipboard use entirely, now uses output to input
- streamlined some actions by removing redundancies, speeding up shortcut
- carplay does not work with current Google maps update so shortcut now uses apple maps which turns out to be much faster to load
- significantly reduced frequency of sarcasm

Version history