If You Are In Need Of Help, Then Say "Hey Siri, Help". (iPad Version Coming Soon In Description)


If You Are In Need Of Help And Can't Move Your Body But Can Speak, The Say "Hey Siri, Help" (You Will Have To Set Up, "Hey Siri" First By Going To Settings, Press Siri And Search, Then Turn On Hey Siri And Begin Set Up For Hey Siri). And If You Are In Range Of Cellular Or A Wi-Fi Connection, Then It Will Send A Picture Of The Front And Back Camera And Your Current Location. Also It Flashes The Flashlight In An S.O.S. Pattern. And Will Play A Timer. iPhones Only (iPad Version Coming Soon).

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1.0.1 - Feb. 3, 2022, 7:41 a.m.

An Accidental Issue Was Fixed

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