Replace Scripture References with Links

This shortcut replaces all Scripture references with deep links to the Olive Tree Bible Study app.


Text can be shared with this shortcut and the shortcut will replace all Scripture references within the text to Markdown links that will open the appropriate verse in the Olive Tree Bible app. This is great for notes taken in a Markdown app like Craft, Obsidian, Drafts, Bear, Day One, etc. The best way to use this is to:

  • Select all the text in the note.
  • Choose this shortcut in the share sheet.
  • When the shortcut completes, paste the text on the clipboard over your selected text if on iOS or iPad OS. (If the shortcut is run on the Mac, the "Provide Output" option makes pasting the text unnecessary.)

If you us this shortcut this way, it replaces your text with the same text except that now all Scripture references are links to the Olive Tree Bible app. This enables you to tap on any Scripture reference in your notes and that passage of Scripture will open right away in Olive Tree.

Here are some conventions you will need to follow for Scripture references, however: - Books of the Bible that start with numbers use Arabic numbers, not Roman numerals (i.e., “2 Timothy” instead of “II Timothy”). - Books of the Bible are spelled out. (If you want to use abbreviations instead, you can modify the regex in the shortcut). - You can specify a range of verses (e.g., “Romans 5:6-8”) as long as those verses are in the same chapter.

The shortcut itself doesn’t require the Olive Tree Bible app but the deep links created do require that app.

Latest Release Notes

1.4 - April 12, 2022, 2 a.m.

- Added singular “Psalm” as an option for the book.
- Set the "Provide Output" option on MacOs so that pasting the text is unnecessary. The selected text on a Mac will be replace automatically when the shortcut is run.

Version history