TrippleTap Reminders

Create a reminder with URL and last image taken.


TrippleTap Reminder

This shortcut creates a reminder on a list set at install at a time in the future specified at install including a timestamp in DavodTime, a URL captured from the clipboard, and the last image saved. I have it set to be triggered on the Triple tap Back Tap setting.


  1. An Ask For Input action prompts for the reminder title.
  2. A duration of your choosing is added to the current time with an Adjust Date action.
  3. A Get Latest Photos action gets the latest photo saved.
  4. A URL - if any - is grabbed from the clipboard.
  5. A reminder is created using an Add New Reminder action with the details gathered above.


Latest Release Notes

1.0 - Feb. 10, 2022, 4:31 a.m.

Initial release.