Frontend for youtube-dl in a-shell



ytDL is a frontend for youtube-dl, the free and open source cli program to to download videos from YouTube and other video sites. This shortcut uses a-shell to run the program, installed using python pip.

System Requirements:


Setup is installing youtube-dl into a-shell. Simply run the shortcut, and choose the “Install youtube-dl” option.


This shortcut can be appended to the share sheet for easy access to video links from Safari, YouTube, etc. When activating the shortcut from the share sheet, it will ask you to download either “video and audio”, or “audio only”. a-shell will then open and allow you to monitor the progress of youtube-dl and diagnose errors. You can choose where to save the downloaded video to, which can be accessed in the The shortcut automatically opens, so you can find said downloaded video.

Alternatively, you can copy a video link and activate the shortcut manually. By selecting the “Paste YouTube link”, you can paste your clipboard contents and the same process as above will proceed.

How it works:

a-shell allows for simple bash scripts and python, along with a lot of other cool features not used in this shortcut. The main script that is used here is shown below:

youtube-dl [args] [link]

pickFolder is a command supplied by a-shell that allows you to enter a certain directory. You can learn more about it from their Github. The shortcut will then save the downloaded video to said selected directory. The -x argument is supplied to download audio only.

The installation script is simply

pip install youtube-dl

Thank you for using ytDL!

Latest Release Notes

1.1 - Feb. 15, 2022, 2:48 a.m.

Implemented a way to select save location before saving the video. Thus cd into documents is no longer needed.

Version history