Lemon Updater

Updating Shortcuts has never been so easy! ⚡️


Made for iOS 15

LU V3 ⚡️

The next version of LU is already in Development and will be published soon! If you wanna test the beta version before all the others, please send me an email: [email protected]!

Useful Shortcuts

Integration Tutorial: Lemon Updater [I]

Introducing 👋🏻

First of all, thanks for giving this shortcut a try! 🫶🏻

Are you looking for a modern and simple updater? Then try Lemon Updater! Lemon Updater is super easy to set up and supports multiple update services.

Features 💎

  • Easy implementing
  • Super fast (~2s iPhone XR)
  • Rollback/Update detection
  • Own Engine
  • Routinehub, ShareShortcuts and Custom Update Server

Implementation 📲

There are three types of update services:

  • RoutineHub
  • ShareShortcuts
  • Custom Server

You can find all informations you need here (Work in progress) and an basic integration tutorial here

Screenshots 🌇

Lemon Updater Interface

Lemon Updater Interface

Lemon Updater Update Promt

Lemon Updater Update/Rollback promt

Bughunter 🐞

» If you found a bug, please submit it here.

Badge ⭐️

Lemon Updater Badge

Badge Version: 1.3

Simply copy and paste this in your shortcuts description:

[![Lemon Updater Badge](https://i.imgur.com/FHkdckc.png)](https://routinehub.co/shortcut/11173/)

Donating 💸

If you like my work, you can donate to me. This donation helps me to update my shortcuts and to create new projects. A big thank you to all donators!

Protected by Copyright! © TheLemon

Protected by Copyright

Credits 📄

  • Swing Updater (by @D3W10) » Some Inspirations
  • ScreenKit (by @alombi) » Welcome Screen
  • MediaKit (by @ROP) » Graphics

Symbol Definition

[+] Added feature
[-] Removed feature
[~] Improvement

Latest Release Notes

V2.8 - Jan. 15, 2023, 10:16 a.m.

[~] Improved Feedback sending

Version history