Product Info

Track inventory using UPC codes



The shortcut is a way to track your inventory by Product Name and UPC code. It allows you to perform an inventory event any number of times and see the value and count of the inventory and stores each inventory into a folder for future reference.

This utility uses 3 shortcuts:

  Product Info

  Scan Items


It requires the following folder structure iniCloud:



So, you need 2 folders with Inventory inside Product.


  Product List.txt

  Product UPC.txt

  Price List.txt

  Product Count.txt

  Inventory file (Variable)


Product Info (shortcut) This shortcut is where you enter the aproduct names you are tracking stored as a text file separated by commas. The file is is called Produt List.txt and is stored in the Product folder. It creates a blank item folder called Product Count.txt stored in the Product folder. This file is used to capture the inventory counts of each product. It is a JSON file.

It also is where you scan the UPC codes for the items you entered and stores them in a JSON file called Product UPC.txt in the Product folder. Lastly, you store the value of the products. They are stored in a JSON file called Price List.txt in the Product folder.

Scan Items (shortcut)

This shortcut is used to scan items in your inventory. It does several checks. First, it checks to see if you already have a basket of scanned items. If not it proceeds to ask you to scan items and enter their quantities. If you scan something more than once it catches it. Once you are done scanning it launches Inventory shortcut.

Inventory (shortcut)

This shortcut calculates the value and counts of the inventory and displays the values for each and a grand total of the count and value. It then asks if you want to save the inventory to a file with a date stamp and any added name. This file is stored as a text file in the Inventory folder.

It then asks if you want to start a new inventory, if yes, it zeros out the Product Count folder stored in the Product Folder.

If you do not start a new inventory, you can always view the current inventory and it will not let you scan new items to your “basket” the Product Count folder until it is emptied.

Latest Release Notes

1.0 - Dec. 3, 2018, 5:19 p.m.