Smart Walls

A shortcut for switching Dark & Light wallpapers


Smarter Than Ever

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This is a very long wallpaper-changer shortcut and may run slower on older devices.

Now you ask, why there’s a big shortcut for just setting a small wallpaper?! So I have to say, it’s more than just a wallpaper changer. It can be used as an automation! You can customize your wallpaper by tapping a few buttons without leaving your app! Just say, “Hey Siri Smart Walls” then you can choose a photo as your wallpaper! 🪄

You can disable or enable the built-in automations. Run shortcut > Settings > “Disable/Enable the automations”

We won’t collect data or information.

(Device model, System version and shortcut version maybe collected if user reports feedback)

This shortcut only connects to one website to check for updates.

Latest Release Notes

1.5.70 (Beta) - Sept. 20, 2022, 6:15 a.m.

SHORTCUT NEWS: Apple made it harder to edit a shortcut with huge lags, crashes, or other issues which came from iOS 15.
This means that future updates will come with a delay.
I hope Apple to fix them.
About this update: some UI improvements and bugs fixed

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