Menu Builder

A tool for building list menus with color icons


A tool for building list menus with images. The tool builds some text that you copy into your Shortcut, and then with a few actions you will have a list containing images that can be used as a menu.

This. has now been updated so icons are transparent, and you can change the colour of the icons by selecting a colour, or entering the hex value. (I recommend iOS Blue)

Further Details


Demo Menu Shortcut

To Add to Your Shortcut

Add the following actions.

  • Text Action - Copy the text from menu builder into here

  • Set Name : Menu.vcf

  • Get Variable : Set Name < Use a magic variable to point to the set name, and then select and change the type to contact

  • Choose From List

Fonts are provided by under CreativeCommons-BY license, please include attribution in your Shortcuts comments when using.

Latest Release Notes

1.5 - April 24, 2019, 7:48 a.m.

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