Menu Builder

Build menus in your Shortcut with pictures or icons


Menu Builder -

Will build a menu with images, you just copy the results into your Shortcut into a text action, then with just 4 actions you can have your menu, no helper action required

  • Autosave - Every menu addition is added to the clipboard, as you go
  • Preview as you go
  • No memory requirements
  • No contacts access required
  • Works with Quick Icon Maker *Not Required

To add to your Shortcut add the follwing actions - Text Action - Copy the text from menu builder into here

  • Set Name : Menu.vcf

  • Get Variable : Set Name < Use a magic variable to point to the set name, and then select and change the type to contact

  • Choose From List

Demo Menu Shortcut :

Example Menu preview

Latest Release Notes

1.02 - Dec. 8, 2018, 12:05 p.m.

Removed get details of contacts

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