Menu Builder - vcard method.

Menus with a choice of 1400+ colour icons, and transparent backgrounds.


Menu Builder

A tool for building list menus with images. The tool builds some text that you copy into your Shortcut, and then with a few actions you will have a list containing images that can be used as a menu.

If using on iOS 14 beta, some betas dont show contact cards, and transparency doesnt work this is due to the beta, not the Shortcut. Also images are very small.

iOS 14 Version using images as menus.

Last iOS 12 Version:

New - Quick menus just sends a text action with Title,Subtitle,Icon name and use Run Shortcut to quickly add an icon menu to a Shortcut Demo (requires Menu Builder being installed) Just for when you want to easily/quickly add a menu to a Shortcut without messing around with vcards.

New - will detect if you have vcards on the clipboard when launched,so that you can add additional items to your menus, or continue where you left off.

  • Transparent Background Icons
  • Change Icon Colours
  • Quickly Add Items to your old menus

Further Details

Demo Menu Shortcut

To Add to Your Shortcut

Add the following actions.

  • Text Action - Copy the text from menu builder into here

  • Set Name : Menu.vcf

  • Get Variable : Set Name < Use a magic variable to point to the set name, and then select and change the type to contact

  • Choose From List


Fonts are provided by under CreativeCommons-BY license, please include attribution in your Shortcuts comments when using.

vcard vcf lists


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Latest Release Notes

2.63 - Oct. 2, 2020, 10:15 p.m.

Change to fix updated problem.

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