Real(ish) Folders

Merge multiple Shortcuts into a single Shortcut.


This Shortcut will merge multiple Shortcuts into a single Shortcut and will act as a Folder when you use it.

Tl;dr Watch this video.

The creation of the “Folder” will take a few seconds because it has to process all the actions of each shortcut and merge everything into a new Shortcut.

After that a new Shortcut will be created with all the Shortcuts you selected inside it, now you can delete the Shortcuts you selected if you wish.

Before you proceed remember that you can’t rename the “Folder” from the App because it’ll break, you need to do it from the Settings in the “Folder” menu, the reason for this limitation is that the Shortcut calls itself multiple times and needs to know the name to be able to do that.

When you open the “Folder” a menu will appear with the shortcuts you added to it and a item named Settings. If you select a Shortcut that Shortcut will open as normal.

The Settings menu have the options:

  • Add, this will allow you to add a Shortcut to the Folder.
  • Remove can be used to remove a Shortcut from the Folder.
  • Restore will put the Shortcut you want inside the Shortcut App.
  • Rename lets you rename a Shortcut inside the Folder or the Folder itself.

If you want to interact with the Folder from another shortcut you have two options:

  • Send the input as it is to the Folder using Run Shortcut and the user is going to have to choose to which Shortcut the user wants to send the input.
  • If you don’t want to prompt the user you can pass a dictionary with the keys Name and Args, Name is the name of the Shortcut and Args is the input that is going to be passed to the Shortcut, this method have a few limitations mentioned bellow.

A couple limitations, as I mentioned earlier you can’t rename the Folder from the App and if your Shortcut uses recursion (calls itself) or its called by another Shortcut using the second method mentioned above then you can’t pass an object to it (Text, Numbers, Dictionaries, etc are fine), you will need to Base64 the thing you want to pass and handle it yourself once you receive it back, the reason for this is that I use dictionaries to pass things around and when you put an object inside a dictionary and send it to another Shortcut using “Run Shortcut” the object will either be converted into a Text with the name or the the thing that the object is referencing (for example a contact will be converted into a vcf file), for that reason you need to handle it yourself.

Probably something that some of you are asking is if your shortcuts are safe inside the Folder, the answer is that they should be fine, worst case scenario the Shortcut itself is stored exactly as it was when added to the Folder in a Dictionary which you can use to restore it manually.

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Latest Release Notes

1.3 - Dec. 9, 2018, 2:33 p.m.

Restore multiple Shortcuts at the same time.

After completing a Setting operation the menu will open again.

Fixed a small typo that broke the Settings operations.

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