Media Modifier

The tool to modify your media!


Media Modifier

The tool to modify your media!

Made for shortcuts 16

Media Modifier has a whole bunch of features you can use, here are a few:
  • Convert Video to M4A V
  • x2 Speed V/A
  • x0.5 Speed V/A
  • Custom Speed V/A
  • Change the resolution V
  • Save/Select to/from either Photos or Files

V - Works with video files, A - Works with audio files

If you encounter any bugs or want to provide feedback for Media Modifier, you can do so in the settings menu! *

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Below, you can find a table of compatibility.

OS Compatibility
macOS 13 Yes
macOS 12 Yes
iOS/iPadOS 16 Yes
iOS/iPadOS 15 Yes

* This feature is only available in versions 1.1 and above

Latest Release Notes

1.4 - Oct. 30, 2022, 8:31 a.m.

• Added support for the new UpCycle Updater

Version history