Automation Control - Template to toggle On/Off Automations, kinda.

Turn on/off your automations at the tap of a button.


Automation Control - Template to toggle On/Off Automations, kinda.

This shortcut is a template that allows you have somewhat better control over allowing your automations to run or not when you choose. Running the shortcut displays a menu of the automations you have set to control, displays it’s current status and tapping the name of any of the automations will change its status from its current status of on or off. There could be a slight delay for the automation to run, at least in my test of opening app automations.

Reddit Post if in need of help and to see a video demonstration

This shortcut requires Toolbox Pro for its free Golbal Variables action. Premium is NOT required.

Setup Toolbox Pro

  • Install Toolbox Pro if not already installed.
  • Open Toolbox Pro and tap on Variables at the bottom.
  • Hit the + at the top right of the screen.
  • Set Name to whatver you’d like to use to identify the automation. I set mine as “Automation (App Name)”
  • Set the value to On.
  • Repeat these steps for however many shortcuts you would like to control.


Setup or modify existing Shortcus Automations

  • Each autiomation you want to control, add the Toolbox Pro Global Variable action to the top of that automation.
  • Change it from Set to Get
  • Add a IF statement and set it as: If Global Result is On
  • Add your shortcut or actions you want to run when the automation triggers in between the IF and Otherwise section.
  • Add a Nothing action in between Otherwise and End If.


Setup Automation Control Shortcut

Modifying the existing template items. You will notice two example automations being controlled within the shortcut:

  • Tap in the first Global Variable action where it says variable name and select the name of the Global Variable you created in TBP above.
  • Change where it says “Title” in the Choose From Menu item to reflect your Global Variable name or to whatever you’d like.
  • Tap where it says “Rename this variable” thats on that same line as the above step and rename it to reflect your Global Variable name.
  • In the “IF” statment, tap where it says “Put name of your Global Variable here too” and name it the same as your Global Variable.
  • In the “Otherwise” section , do the same as above.
  • Repeat the above for the second Menu item if you choose to use it, if not just delete it.

Adding a new automation to control:

  • FIrst create your Global Variable in TBP following the steps in the Setup Toolbox Pro section.
  • Above the Choose from Menu action, add the Global Variable action from the TBP actions list in the Shortcuts app and change it from Set to Get.
  • Go to the Choose from Menu action and hit the + Add new item.
  • Add “Title : “ then after the : tap and select the Global Variable you created and rename it if you’d like. Mine is set as Title : App Name Status.
  • Scroll to the newly created Menu section that you named above and add an IF statement.
  • In that IF statment, tap where it says “Input” and tap “Select Magic Variable”. Scroll to the new Global Variable you created at the top and select it.
  • Tap “Condition” and set it as “is”.
  • Enter “On” as the text.
  • Add a new TBP “Global Variable” action between the IF and Otherwise section and leave it as “Set”. Change the variable name to the name of your newly created Global Variable you placed up top and set the value to On.
  • Dupliacte the above action you and place it between the Otherwise and End If section and chage the value from On to Off.
  • Repeat the above for any additional automations you want to add and control.


Latest Release Notes

10 - March 23, 2022, 5:02 p.m.

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