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Pixelate your images with Pixelate™. Enter your favorite pixel size or choose from a list with suggested sizes. Import your image and pixelate it. That’s it! Works completely offline.

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Pixelate is 100% Malware Free

By firing up the Shortcut you’ll have four options to choose from:
1. Select Pixel Size
A list with a bunch of predefined pixel sizes appears—choose your favorite.

2. Enter Pixel Size
If you want to enter your own size, this is the place to enter it.

3. Pixelate™ Reference
Have a look at all predefined pixel sizes from the list and see the results (based on an image with 1000 x 1000 pixels).

4. Scale Source Image
The smaller the pixel size the longer the time you’ll have to wait for results. Same with the source image: The bigger it is the longer the wait. Please reduce the size of your source image if it takes to long pixelating it. Recommended size: up to 1500 pixels. Of course it also works fast with larger files if you choose big pixels.

Pixelate™ How To:
Choose or enter your preferred pixel size or resize the image (it will be automatically saved to your Photos) you want to pixelate.

Next a window appears where you will be prompted to choose the source image by hitting the Choose Image button (sources: Camera Roll, iCloud Drive or simply take a photo).

Wait until the image gets pixelated. If you don’t like the result, you can upload another image. If you want to try it with another pixel size, you have to restart Pixelate™ (see Pixelate™ Reference for reference results).

If you want to save your pixelated image, tap the Save Image button. The image will show up in another window. Simply hold your finger on that image and you’ll have the option to save it.




Credits: Menu made with Image Menu Builder based on the idea of Listify Shortcut.


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This Shortcut is available exclusively on RoutineHub.co. If you find it somewhere else, it's a fake. Please let me know in the comments below if you found this Shortcut somewhere else. Thanks.


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