Reddit Description

Gets the description (or quarantine message) of any subreddit.


This shortcut is meant to be used on the Apollo app, but it can be used pretty much anywhere.

This shortcut will get the description (or try to) of any subreddit except quarantined and banned. For quarantined subreddits, the quarantine message will be displayed.

If the subreddit is public (or restricted) then the title of the subreddit is also shown. If the title is the same as the /r/, the title isn't shown.

This can be used through the share sheet, or open the shortcut in the shortcuts app to input a subreddit manually.

This shortcut gets the description for inaccessible subreddits through the subreddit search api.

Latest Release Notes

1.01 - March 30, 2022, 5:04 p.m.

Fixes a small problem where shortcuts would ask for permissions to connect to Reddit twice.

Version history