Batch Shortcuts Signer (iOS)

Automate `shortcuts sign` (remotely!) to export shareable .shortcut files by folder.


See the macOS version of this shortcut to export signed .shortcut files locally.

This is a modification of Federico Viticci’s “Shortcut Injector,,” about which you can read more details in “Creating, Modifying, and Signing Shortcuts on macOS.” It is identical to the version I published for macOS with additional considerations for performing the signatures remotely over SSH. At install, you will be prompted to specify: 1. The address of the host Mac on which signatures will be performed. 2. The username of the account on said host Mac from which you will be signing. 3. A port (other than 22) to use for the SSH connection. 4. The password of said user account on the host Mac.

You will also need to explicitly set two directories: one for the pre-signed, post-export files saved only because they cannot otherwise be passed to the export tool (most will want to delete these, I assume,) and another to be the final destination of the signed output files. The first is just a Folder action set to Ask Each Time and the second is a simple Text action that represents a pointer originating from your home folder (~).

shortcuts sign -m anyone -i "Pre-Signed Export Path" -o "Signed.shortcut"

I should note that by default, the shortcut comes with a Text Case action designed to transform the input shortcut’s original filename into camel case, mostly because I am 100% fed up with URL-encoded links’ tendency to illicit inexplicable and inconsistent behavior from iOS apps, at least.

That said, please note that said Text Case action is 100% optional. Substitute a Rename File action if you’ d like.

After the Repeat With Each cycle completes (and the files are signed,) an additional remote command is run:

ls -1 -d "$PWD/Your specified directory/"*

...and the result - an unformatted list of the full file path for every signed shortcut in the directory - is copied to the clipboard and finally shown via Quick Look.

Batch Shortcuts Signer-iOS

You can find the source files - including an HTML overview - in the /shortcuts directory of my iOS GitHub Repository.

Video Demo

<video controls>   <source src=""> </video>

For good measure, here’s the result of shortcuts help sign:

OVERVIEW: Sign a shortcut file.

You can use this command to sign a shortcut file. It also supports signing a shortcut in the old format.

USAGE: shortcuts sign [--mode <mode>] --input <input> --output <output>
shortcuts help --verbose
  -m, --mode <mode>       The signing mode. (default: people-who-know-me)
  -i, --input <input>     The shortcut file to sign. 
  -o, --output <output>   Output path for the signed shortcut file. 
  -h, --help              Show help information.


Latest Release Notes

1.0 - March 31, 2022, 3:48 p.m.

Initial release.