Quick task entry for Remember the Milk

Dictate a task to Remember the Milk from your phone or watch



Remember the Milk is a popular todo list app. This app helps you quickly enter a task by dictating the task from your phone or watch. It is especially useful to dictate a task from your Apple Watch.


  1. Set up the Mail app on your phone (or watch) to have at least one mail account that you can send email from.
  2. The shortcut import should prompt you for two questions.
    1. The From address of your mailbox - it should be ok to select the default option.
    2. A contact that has your Remember The Milk inbox email address.
      1. Find your Remember The Milk inbox email address from your account settings.
      2. Create an iOS Contact with the contact's email address set to the above RTM inbox email address.
      3. Choose this contact for the iOS shortcut import question.


To run the shortcut via Siri, you can just say "Hey Siri, add RTM task"


  1. Remember the Milk has Siri Shortcuts in the Pro version but their Watch app is sometimes finicky. This shortcut doesn't require a Pro version and should be more reliable.
  2. I use a 10 sec delay timer so that I have a chance to cancel the shortcut if Siri didn't catch what I was saying. You can remove this delay.
  3. You may need to mess with the Privacy settings of this shortcut to make sure it can send email without confirmation.
  4. The Apple Watch seems to do its own sending directly from the watch, so it is not enough to set up the Mail account only on the phone if you plan to use this shortcut from the Watch.

Latest Release Notes

0.91 - April 9, 2022, 4:08 a.m.

Added import questions