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Split the pages of your choice and merge them together in one PDF


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Welcome to Split PDF

Split PDF is designed to handle with PDF documents on your iPhone and iPad. With the power of Shortcuts, you can extract specific pages from your current PDF and merge them together to create a new one.


Why Split PDF?


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Now on MacOS

Thanks to MacOS Monterey, Split PDF is now available on MacOS with extended features like Rename and Preview selected pages. Check out now!


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Please feel free to leave feedback, suggestions or requests for new features in the comment below. I hope that you will find my Shortcut somewhat useful for you. Thank you!


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Latest Release Notes

1.0 - April 5, 2022, 2:01 p.m.

Welcome to Split PDF!

In this version, we introduce Split PDF with the following features:
- Extract from a specified range such as from page 3 to page 8
- Extract manually by selecting specific pages
- Rename the output PDF on MacOS
- Support for running on iOS/iPadOS (15.4.1)
- Support for running on MacOS (12.3.1)